Extra Mural Research Funding (Individual Centric)

Individual centric competitive mode of funding will be provided under the EMR funding schemes. SERB supports potential scientists for undertaking research in frontier areas of S&T in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences & Mathematical Sciences.

The Science and Engineering Research Board has decided to invite Core Research Grant (EMR – PAC) proposals through “Call for Proposals” twice a year. The proposal submission window for Principal Investigators is open for two months during June and second spell starting from December in a year. The new structure ensures faster delivery of services with known timelines to the stakeholders.

Proposals and Funding cycle: Timeline:
  • Applicant should be an Indian citizen residing in India.
  • The applicant(s) must hold a regular academic/research position in a recognized institution.
  • The proposals can be submitted by an individual or by a team of investigators.Proposals submitted by a team of investigators must identify a Principal Investigator, who will spearhead the research objectives and administer the grant.
  • Applicants of NPDF, ECRA and EMR can submit their proposal only once in a calender year in any of these schemes.

Nature & Duration of Support:
  • The funding is provided normally for a period of three years.
  • No budget limit is prescribed for this type of projects. The research grant covers equipment, consumables, contingency and travel apart from overhead grants.

Selection & Mode Of Application
  • The call for proposals will be notified through the website www.serbonline.in and www.serb.gov.in
  • The proposals will be evaluated through peer review processes as approved by Board.

How to apply online:
For successful online submission of the application the following points may be noted:
  • Applicant(s) should first register into the online website click here to register
  • After log-in, go to Menu --> Proposal Submission --> Form Submission. Select scheme "Extra Mural Research Funding (Individual Centric)" and Click on "Start Submission" Button.
  • If you have CO-PI in your proposal then it is to be ensured that all the CO-PI's are registered in SERB online portal and have filled all mandatory fields in "Profile Details" section under "Menu" ->"User Profile" after login.
  • Some of the details of your proposal like Project Title (max 500 characters), Project summary (max 3000 characters), Keywords (max 6), Objectives of project (max 1500 characters), Expected output and outcome of the proposal (max 1500 characters), Budget (Manpower,Consumables,Travel, Equipment, Contingency, Overheads ) have to be entered at the time of proposal submission.
  • Other relevant information of the proposal has to be uploaded in single PDF file not more than 10 MB as other technical document (OTD). Download Template

Documents required (in PDF) should be in prescribed format:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: I want to apply for an Extra- mural Research Funding scheme for the first time. What is the maximum amount of the grant the Board will fund?

A1: There is no upper limit ( or even lower limit) for a project grant. The budget is decided based on the requirement for its successful implementation. The Investigator should propose a budget which is realistic taking into account the infrastructure and resources available at the implementing institutions. The average cost of the EMR project is Rs.35 lakh for a duration of 3 years.


Q2: Does the Board has any priority areas for funding under EMR scheme?

A2: No. The Board funds all the areas of Science and Engineering without discriminating between disciplines. The proposal will be funded if it has novelty and the investigator has the competence to execute the project.


Q3: I am currently executing an EMR project in the area of Chemical Sciences. I want to apply for an another EMR project in Physical Sciences. Will I be funded another project?

A3: No. The Board funds only one project to an Investigator at a time, except in cases where calls for proposals are invited for specific areas/schemes/programs.


Q4: Are Co-Investigators allowed in EMR project? If they are from different institutions, can the budget be provided separately to both the Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator(s)?

A4: Yes. Co-Investigator(s) are allowed in EMR project, provided the work proposed require complementary expertise for its implementation. Separate budget can also be provided to the Co-Investigator (s) even if they belong to different institutions.